About SalesBenefits

A specialist professional sales consultancy

SalesBenefits is a specialist professional sales consultancy. We specialise in providing strategic analysis, guidance and direction for client sales campaigns that can be described as ‘Must Win’ deals or strategically important major accounts. In addition, our sales consultancy services help managers improve the performance of their sales teams. We can and do make a difference to the ability of clients’ sales operations to consistently meet or exceed targets.

In the last few years our clients have included both Large and Small to Medium Enterprise sales organisations such as BT Global Services, BT Business, Updata Infrastructure (part of Capita) and, most recently, Nettitude, a specialist cyber security company with sales operations in the UK and a young but growing operation in the USA.

A key element to the SalesBenefits approach is the application of our Sales Opportunity Analysis tool, or SOA.

We apply the SOA process to help our clients create, manage and develop a documented plan of their specific sales campaigns for those Must Win deals and key accounts.

The main benefit of this approach is that sales people are able to clearly identify what they need to do to win. We help our clients’ sales teams define and record the strategy and tactics that will best equip them to win these key or must-win deals. But there’s much more to what we do – see the summary of Our Services.

Richard Lown

Richard Lown is the principle partner in SalesBenefits. He works with a wide circle of associates and industry professionals from all over the world to deliver sales consultancy services.

A history of my experience: Richard says ‘at SalesBenefits we’re selling experience; here’s mine:


  • Early 1970’s junior salesman for Rank Xerox in London
  • Mid 70’s salesman at IBM Office Products division Birmingham. Qualify for 100% Club
  • Mid-to-late 70’s back to Xerox – Major Account Salesman, B’ham
  • Xerox & IBM provide invaluable sales training experience, laying down foundation for professional selling
  • Late 70’s, District Sales Manager at Xerox in Leicester and B’ham
  • Key awards: top major account salesman in the UK (known as ‘Par Club’) and Par Club winner as a District Sales Manager


  • Early 1980’s join CASE Communications selling data communications
  • Went on to run the International Operation opening offices in Stockholm and Middle East, based in Dubai.
  • Key awards with CASE – 7 Millionaires Club awards in succession


  • Early 1990’s located to US as International Sales Director for Scientific Atlanta
  • 1997 – I set up SilverLake International providing Cisco Sales Training.
  • SilverLake creates the Cisco Sales Executive Programme (later known as CSE)
  • We design and deliver sales and technology based training programmes for Cisco and their Channel Partners worldwide


  • Early 2000’s we name changed to Complete Learning
  • Designing and developing sales eLearning and mobile learning modules for Cisco and Nokia Internet Communications
  • We set up and run the Orange Data Academy
  • And many other sales training initiatives for technology based companies, including BT
  • 2007/8 we began to focus more on strategic selling programmes
  • Working closely with BT Global Services designing Competitor Positioning and Strategic Account Management workshops


We decided to focus on strategic selling and set up a separate company to concentrate exclusively on this sector, calling the company SalesBenefits.


SalesBenefits provides advice on sales strategy to a small and selected client base – our aim is to deliver quality results that can be measured and managed by our clients own people.

For an overview of what we do please review Our Services.