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Specialist Professional Sales Consultancy

Strategic Selling

We provide guidance and direction to sales people and their managers on how to win key or ‘must-win’ deals. We analyse the status of the deal and provide some guidance, direction and recommendation on what strategy and tactics are required to either win the deal, or qualify out. Our very experienced team of senior sales professionals draw on their extensive knowledge of complex sales campaigns to deliver this service

Strategic Opportunity Analysis (SOA)

The main process we use to shape and develop a WIN plan is our Strategic Opportunity Analysis tool, or SOA. This tool is designed to help us assess and document where we are now, where we want to be and how we’re going to get there. Essentially, it captures what we know about the current state of a deal, it helps us identify what we don’t know (what we need to find out), it helps us shape an Executive Contact strategy, set some clear Goals and Objectives (so we use our time and resources to best effect) and then lays out a route map for helping us determine what’s required to win the deal.


Sales Management Development

As part of this process we offer help and advice to sales managers in how to develop more effective forecast processes and controls, either by making better use of existing resources (such as CRM tools) or by customising solutions that work best for their particular sales operation. In addition, we provide coaching and development, where and when requested, to help managers improve their ability to achieve results through their sales people, thus helping to improve levels of performance over the longer term.

Sales New Hires & Development

We create, design and develop Sales Induction Programmes for new hires and existing sales staff to ensure that new hires can be effective sooner and existing sales people can develop their skills and apply them to greater effect.

Psychometric Assessment

As part of the process of sales new hires and development we provide advice and guidance on psychometric assessment and (very importantly) the analysis of results.

Psychometric Assessment can be a very effective way to determine a candidate fit for a particular job role and this can be done at any stage – new hire, promotion, reassignment, etc. It’s useful to remember that when we talk about Psychometric analysis we use the word ‘assessment’, not ‘testing’, as it sometimes called. If you think about it you can’t conduct psychometric testing – you can’t test a personality – you can only assess it.

We work with a number of professionally recognised psychometric consultants to deliver this service.

Sales Training

The consultants at SalesBenefits have extensive experience in sales training methodologies, managing sales trainers and delivering sales training programmes. Consequently we are well qualified to provide advice on how to manage sales training – either by making better use of existing sales training, or by recommending and managing a fresh sales training approach. In short, we can either design bespoke training solutions or recommend and manage industry standard professional selling programmes.

Many of our clients have invested in some form of Sales Methodology (such as Miller Heiman, or similar). Although often of excellent value with well tried and tested approaches to selling and managing campaigns, these methodologies are very often not being properly applied or managed – usually because the sales management team are failing to apply the good metrics that encompass many of these sales methodology’s. In other words, they are not applying the techniques and thinking, and often fail to control the process in a consistent and well-practised way. Consequently, sales campaigns are mismanaged and deals are lost. Our professional sales training consultant can address this common problem in a practical and cost effective way.


Planning, Organising and Controlling sales operations to improve productivity and performance, and thus help sales teams get back on plan or over achieve their targets, is a key part of our consultancy service. The world’s best sales forces are all governed by good process – and good process starts with good planning, the effective organisation of resources and the regular application of monitoring and controlling activities (like sales forecasting). A sales operation that manages these things well is not only successful, but they maintain an ability to be consistent winners.

CRM – Turning Information into Intelligence

Most sales operations have some form of CRM. And most sales operations use their CRM resource to poor effect. Very often, the outcome is that CRM tools contain large amounts of INFORMATION but very little INTELLIGENCE. We help sales organisations make better use of their existing CRM tools – and provide advice and direction on the best type of CRM tools to suit our client’s needs. The result is that we help our clients turn the SALES INFORMATION they currently have in their operation into SALES INTELLIGENCE

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